Silicone Sex Toys Special Discount

Spice things up this winter with a toy from  We pride ourselves in producing some of the finest 100% body safe platinum silicone toys that can be found in the world.  With many unique shapes and sizes, there is something to please almost anyone.

Visit our shop and look around, you will see toys that you have only dreams are made of.

For our Seasons of Pride followers we offer a 10% discount on any order, just use coupon code 10seasons at checkout.  We hope you enjoy!

Silicone Toys Special Deals Discount

Finest Materials

All toys sold on this site are made of the finest 100% Platinum silicone.  Not all platinum silicone is the same.   Our silicone is certified by an independent laboratory to ISO 10993-10, Biological evaluation of medical devices, Part 10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitization.  There is no odor and they will not shrink over time or melt when placed in contact with other toys.  They are meant to last a lifetime.

V.4 Remove-O-Balls

Purchase Mr. Hankey’s Remove-O-Balls removable testicles with your toy and experience the “slap” as they smack your backside. Remove-O-Balls can be purchased once and then used on any toy purchased from Mr. Hankey’s and may also be used on many other toys purchased from other manufacturers.  Remove-O-Balls are sold separately.

Vac U Lock Compatible

If you purchase the Vac-U-Hole at checkout, you will be able to use our products with any Vac U Lock device.

Strap-on and Sex Machine Friendly

Our toys are designed to be strap-on and sex machine friendly.  Since many strap-on systems and sex machines use a vac-u-lock type system, simply purchase this option at checkout and you will be able to use your toy with your strap-on or sex machine. Because of the weight of our toys, we recommend using a strap-on system that uses both a vac-u-lock system with rings used to secure toy in place.  We recommend sex machines from Orgasm Alley.

Perfectly Firm

After lots of testing we have come up with two perfect levels of firmness for our toys; our “Medium Firm” and our “75% Soft” levels. Our Medium Firm level of firmness is firm but not too firm, more like a fully erect penis.  Our 75% Soft level is softer and more giving. This level of firmness is more like a penis that is 75-80% hard; still a bit soft yet fully functional and, according to our customers, a bit more “lifelike” feeling.

Designed for Maximum Intensity

From the texture, firmness, length, and width, Mr. Hankey’s toys are designed to please.  Mr. Hankey takes a lot of time and effort to develop each toy, each of our toys is unique and meant to satisfy.

Fast Shipping and Best Customer Service

If you have ever emailed us with a question you know that we reply fast.  Mr. Hankey understands that exceptional customer service is extremely important.  Whether answering an email or addressing a customer’s concern, Mr. Hankey offers some of the best customer service around.  Mr. Hankey’s also understands that getting your toy into your hands quickly is what you want.  We pride ourselves on being able to process orders quickly and get them to our eagerly awaiting customers as fast as we can.


Silicone Toys Special Deals Discount


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