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Every day, we hear stories of businesses that refuse to sell to the LGBT community claiming it somehow violates their Religious Freedom. And we think that is a good thing.  Why? Because I want to know if I am spending my hard earned dollars in a business that discriminates against my community. I appreciate them telling me they oppose marriage equality or gender equality – because I can go spend my money someplace that supports equal rights.

LGBT owned independent businesses return a percentage of each dollar you spend back to our community. For example, bear businesses put that dollar back into the community through bear runs, bear media, and contributions to local non-profit organizations and political organizations.

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Why have we created this directory for Gay Businesses? We believe this will help LGBTQ businesses generate more traffic to their websites and increase sales. Our goal is to help you to promote your businesses and services. Why? Simple, we know that LGBT businesses support LGBT causes, LGBT business leaders sit on local LGBT Boards and ultimately advance equality for all.

  • We offer a free Gay-Friendly Business Directory, connecting the LGBT community to local businesses.
  • Know a good LGBT business? Let Us Know. Visited one of these businesses? We’d love to get your feedback.
  • Please tell your friends about our site – and remember to spend your hard earned gay buying power with these and other LGBT owned and operated businesses and service professionals.

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We believe the best path to equality is financial empowerment.

Seasons of Pride supports diversity in the workplace through free LGBT jobs listings and free directories for gay and lesbian businesses and  LGBT Freelancers for the Queer Community.

Free Queer Business Listing

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